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Iron: Poorest Foods for Vegetarians (per portion)

Iron helps using oxygen.
Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption.
Riboflavin enhances Iron absorption.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians
0%0mgpear, asian, raw (140g)
0%0mgperrier (500ml)
0%0mgwater, municipal (500ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, gin (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgwheat germ oil (10ml)
0%0mgcandies, chewing gum (3g)
0%0mgsesame oil (10ml)
0%0mgsalad dressing (30ml)
0%0mgsunflower oil (10ml)
0%0mgcandies, skittles (40g)
0%0mggrapeseed oil (10ml)
0%0mgcorn oil (10ml)
0%0mgwalnut oil (10ml)
0%0mgcandied foods, grapefruit peel (30g)
0%0mgcandied foods, orange peel (30g)
0%0mghazelnut oil (10ml)
0%0mgavocado oil (10ml)
0%0mgcanola oil (10ml)
0%0mgflaxseed oil (10g)
0%0mgcandies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol) (15g)
0%0mgcandies, chewing gum, sugarless (3g)
0%0.00091mgpalm oil (10ml)
0%0.0015mglemon juice, raw (5ml)
0%0.002mgbutter, regular (10g)
0%0.002mgbutter, unsalted (10g)
0%0.0024mgsweets, sugars, icing (powdered) (4g)
0%0.0027mgpeanut oil (10ml)
0%0.0033mgsalt, table (1g)
0%0.0037mgcoconut oil (10ml)
0%0.0042mgalcoholic, vodka (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0.0045mgcream, whipping, 35% m.f. (15g)
0%0.0046mgsoybean oil (10ml)
0%0.0047mglime juice, raw (5ml)
0%0.0051mgvanilla extract (5ml)
0%0.006mgmargarine (10g)
0%0.0075mgcream, whipped, cream topping, pressurized (15g)
0%0.015mgspices, nutmeg, ground (0.5g)
0%0.016mgspices, basil, fresh (0.5g)
0%0.016mgbutter, whipped (10g)
0%0.017mgalcoholic, whisky (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0.018mgcoffee (175ml)
0%0.02mgspices, onion powder (0.5g)
0%0.021mghorseradish, prepared (5ml)
0%0.024mgginger root (4g)
0%0.025mgspices, peppermint, fresh (0.5g)
0%0.028mgspices, garlic powder (0.5g)
0%0.028mgfrosting (icing), white, fluffy, dry mix, with ... (35ml)
0%0.028mgsweets, sugars, brown (4g)
0%0.03mglight mayonnaise (15ml)
0%0.03mgsweets, marmalade, orange (15ml)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians
52%9.3mgsoybeans (250ml)
52%9.3mgchili with beans (250ml)
39%7mglentils (250ml)
28%5mgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
27%4.8mgfalafel (140g)
26%4.7mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
26%4.6mgwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)
25%4.4mgtoasted sesame seeds (30g)
24%4.3mgspirulina (15g)
19%3.4mgcandied ginger root (30g)
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